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Working with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code Extensions for Python

  • Start Visual Studio Code on your host computer.
  • Connect to your SDK build environment.
  • Open the folder of a Python sample under samples-python/
  • Install the extension 'Python from Microsoft': Install in SSH:...

Working with a Python Sample Project

  • From the main menu click File --> Open Folder and select the folder of your desired Python project.
  • Start a bash terminal within the main menu item - Terminal - New Terminal.
  • Install or upgrade the ctrlX Data Layer build and runtime environment.
sudo dpkg -i ../..deb/ctrlx-datalayer*.deb

Install a Virtual Environment

We recommend to create and activate a virtual Python environment for your project. Furthermore all required packages have to be installed.

Call this script from the command line:


The script runs following commands:

virtualenv -p python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

A subfolder venv/ will be created and activated as virtual environment which contains the Python runtime and all required packages.

Hints: The terminal console path begins with (venv). With Ctrl+Shift+P open the "Command Palette..." and select "Python: Select Interpreter", then 'venv/bin/python' from the virtual environment.

Debugging with Visual Studio Code

  • Open
  • Select the Python interpreter: Shift+Ctrl+P --> Select 'Python ... ('venv':venv) ... Recommended' *)
  • Set a breakpoint to the first code line e.g. import ...
  • Press F5 (Start Debugging)

*) Click update icon if 'Python ... ('venv':venv) ... Recommended' doesn't appear.


  • Enable SSH access to your ctrlX CORE.

  • Watch trace of your snap on the ctrlX CORE e.g.: $ sudo snap logs -f sdk-py-provider-alldata

  • Debugging Python code on the ctrlX CORE is described here Remote Debugging Python.


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