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Storage extension is a feature to extend the internal storage by an external media like μSD card or USB device. Storage extension was introduced with Device Admin 1.18.

This storage is encrypted and bond to one ctrlX CORE, so it cannot be used to transfer data from one ctrlX CORE to another one. If a data transfer is required, please see documentation of Data exchange.


  • All data on the storage extension partition will be erased! Be sure you back up your data before.
  • The partition will be formatted with ext4 and encrypted with dmcrypt.
  • Each app has an own, exclusive area on the storage extension partition, no other app can access this location.


To use the extended storage in your app, some changes are needed in your app. The minimum requirements are shown in the samples.

The storage extension mount point must be added as a mount-control plug in the snapcraft.yaml. Additionally your app needs the mount-observe plug and a remove hook.

And as the last step some modifications of the start script of your app are required.

The storage extension parent for your app is mounted by the Device Admin. The location is /writable/system-data/var/run/mnt/storage-extension/${SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_NAME}.



Root user required

The storage extension plug is on the denylist.
Therefore only signed apps can use storage extension.
To avoid trouble during the development, a root user for the ctrlX is required
and the denylist has to be empty.

Empty the denylist

sudo -s
mkdir -p /etc/writable/integrity
echo [] >/etc/writable/integrity/denylist.json
snap restart rexroth-deviceadminw.web

After clearing the denylist it's possible to test storage extension without signed apps.


Some modifications in your app are required to use storage extension.


The storage extension plug is required in snapcraft.yaml. The type of the plug is mount-control, the necessary parameters are shown in the sample:


name: storage-extension-sample
title: Storage extension sample app
base: core20
version: 0.0.1
summary: Storage extension sample
description: |
    Storage extension sample
grade: stable
confinement: strict

        plugin: nil
        source: backup
        overrride-build: |
        snapcraftctl build
        mkdir -p $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/meta
        cp $SNAPCRAFT_PART_SRC/snapshots.yaml $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/meta

        interface: mount-control
          - what: /writable/system-data/var/run/mnt/storage-extension/${SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_NAME}
            where: $SNAP_COMMON/storage-extension/${SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_NAME}
              - rw
              - bind

        command: bin/sample
          - storage-extension-mnt
          - mount-observe

Remark: the variable ${SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_NAME} is a known variable by snapcraft and will be replaced with the project name (here: storage-extension-sample). So no modifications in this block is required! The variable $SNAP_COMMON is known in the snap context.

Your app needs the plugs mount-observe and the defined storage extension plug (here: storage-extension-mnt). If one of the plugs are missing, your app won't run like expected.

Remove hook

There has to be a remove hook in your app. Otherwise, it's not possible to remove your app if a storage extension is available.

To add the remove hook, the file remove has to be placed in the snap/hooks folder.

Don't forget to mark the file as executable:

chmod +x remove


 snapctl umount $SNAP_COMMON/storage-extension/$SNAP_NAME

Remark: The variables $SNAP_COMMON and $SNAP_NAME are known in the snap context.

App start script

Before your app can start and use the storage extension, the storage extension mount must be done. Therefore, your start script has to mount the storage extension.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# check if storage extension is ready to use (prepared by Device Admin)
mount | grep /var/snap/rexroth-deviceadmin/common/storage-extension
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    # No storage extension detected - abort script
    echo No storage extension found
    exit 1

# storage extension detected, mount for your app
snapctl mount -o rw,bind /writable/system-data/var/run/mnt/storage-extension/$SNAP_NAME $SNAP_COMMON/storage-extension/$SNAP_NAME


Exclude from backup support

All your data from the storage extension are added to the backup by default. You typically use the storage extension when you have increased memory requirements in your app. Therefore it is necessary to exclude the storage extension from the backup.

This will be done by adding a "part" in your snapcraft.yaml and add a snapshots.yaml to the project.


    # Exclude storage-extension partition from backup
    - $SNAP_COMMON/storage-extension/*

Sample app

This sample app ( storage-extension-sample ) is the minimum set to use storage extension. Feel free to add the content to your app.

Use storage extension

To use storage extension, mount the media with the option "To extend system data".


The partition will be formatted and encrypted. All data on the partition will be lost!

After clicking "continue" the storage extension will be added to the system and the control will be rebooted.

After the next reboot the storage extension will be available for the system.

Each app has its own area, the path is $SNAP_COMMON/storage-extension/<app-name>.


  • By pressing the remove safely button, you can remove the storage extension (this will be finished with a restart of the control).
  • Warning

    Be careful: You cannot reuse the partition without formatting and encrypting it again. So all data will be lost!
  • Only one partition can be used as storage-extension at one time

  • Data on storage-extension is not part of backup/restore
  • If necessary, you have to switch to service state to mount or unmount storage-extension partitions