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Install Sources from github


If you want to contribute the ctrlX AUTOMATION SDK you have to clone the github repository

After this step you have to merge the runtime content of ths ctrlX AUTOMATION SDKs zip archive into this repo.

These jobs can be initiated by located in the ctrlX AUTOMATION SDK folder scripts/

Installing a Runnable Repository

When the script is finished the ctrlX AUTOMATION SDK is installed into the directory ctrlx-automation-sdk and sample projects can be build at once.

Build Sample Project

To build a sample project do following steps:

Change directory e.g.:

cd ctrlx-automation-sdk/public/samples-cpp/datalayer.provider.all-data

Build snap:


github grants only a a limited number of accesses to its repositories. If you are behind a proxy this number can be exceeded very fast. In this case the download of the zip archive fails.

To avoid this you need a github account and a personal access token - see Creating a personal access token

Open the script search the line beginning with LATEST=$(curl -s and add this information:


LATEST=$(curl -s ...

change to e.g.

LATEST=$(curl -s -u usrxyz:tokenxyz ...