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The ctrlX AUTOMATION SDK is the Software Development Kit of ctrlX AUTOMATION. With this SDK software applications (apps) can be developed for the Linux based ctrlX AUTOMATION CORE devices in various high level languages.

A short introduction into ctrlX AUTOMATION you can find here: ctrlX AUTOMATION.

Quick Step Guide Building a Snap from a SDK Sample Project

Creating a snap (app) from a SDK sample project in a few steps is described here:

Quick Start Guide

Important Topics

Use the following sections of this documentation to learn more about the contents of the ctrlX AUTOMATION SDK.

Setup App Build Environment

How to setup a Linux Ubuntu app build environment using a virtual or a bare-metal machine is described here: Setup Overview


  • Samples: A description of the included examples in the SDK and how to use them.


  • References: An overview of useful links and some references


Additional Information

Here you can find additional documentation, help and support which goes beyond the scope of this SDK: